Sunday, 25 September 2011

First ramblings.

This is my first attempt at writing a Blog.

I have no idea how this works so anything could happen.

This week I started to use Flickr for the first time too, I think that's what it's call, as a friend had told me about a quilting swap I wanted to join in with. I'd never been part of a swap either.
After a few stumbles and false starts I think I have commented in the right places and put up the right photos. 

So just a few more runkles to sort out ... like how do I send email on this computer which is so different from the one at work.

Other than the computer ineptitude I've had a good week.
I have managed to sew some borders on to a Baltimore quilt I am making. I have sewn together the blocks of a quilt which has sat in a basket for 3 years and I have learned how to upload photos on to the computer.

( This is the quilt before I put the boarders on. )
As I work 6 days a week , have 5 children and a husband who works away 5 days of the week, I can only write on this once a week which is more than enough for my inept ramblings.   

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