Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year.

So finally 2012 has arrived.
I hope this will prove to be a good year for every one.
Due to one thing or another I am glad to be out of 2011.

I was diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency and told by the doctors it would take about a year for me to recover, so 2012 can only get better and better.

I have made some New Years Resolutions and I hope I can keep to them.
They are :-
1 Read more.
I have started to read Moon-Fleet.
2 Do some craft work daily.
I am working on a crotched cushion cover. And today I also finished making 3 toy bags for the bairns. Each had writing on the front - Toys, Lego and Dolls. I had already made a Zoo bag for the play mobile.
3 Loose weight.
Hmmm 11st 8lb long way to go.
4 Read a chapter of the Bible each week and try to take in what it means.
5 Write more letters.
6 Work more in the garden.
7 Have a family night set aside for the bairns.
This is going to be a Friday so we can play games and chat with no telly.
8 If you can't say owt nice, say nowt.
9 Go to bed earlier.
10 Learn some thing new.
This is a piccy of two of my bairns decorating the tree. There was a lot more went on the tree after this but unfortunately the camera broke and we have no further pictures of Christmas. Never mind. I have some lovely memories.


  1. Now, I am guessing No 9 should say bed ;-) Happy New Year and good luck with your resolutions

  2. Ha ha haaa thanks for that Catherine. It's not very often I visit the Turf accountant.