Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Today's to do list .....

A lot of my blogging friends have been showing their to do lists. This isn't exactly a to do list more a "this is what's laying on top of my sewing machine at the moment" list.

1.Linus quilt. 
This wasn't made by me, nor did I quilt it. I'm just sewing the binding on. Not my favorite job in the world but needs doing. Almost there. Half way round.

2. Linus Quilt.
This quilt top was made by my Mam. I laid it up and have straight line quilted it. Just finished quilting it today. Tomorrow I'm hoping to cut out the binding in the blue and then yah sew the binding on. I quite like machine sewing the binding on, but it makes my hands ache hand sewing it down on the wrong side.

3. Another Linus Quilt.
This is a quilt top made for a Linus quilt, but at 19" it's just not big enough, so I am going to add borders and binding in the top colours to bring it up to a better size. The crazy pieced top is lovely and well made, it just needs to be bigger.

4. The mystery.
I cut this out and started to sew it together, but for the life of me, I can't remember what it was supposed to be.

5. Linus.
These lovely fabrics are for a simple Linus quilt.

6. Linus.
Gonna do some thing fairly simple like a 9 patch.

7. Felt owls.
I'm really enjoying making this little candle mat.A blue bird will go in the gap. I still need to sew on the felt leaves and eyes then I'll embroider the details on.

8. Anne's quilt.
I have drawn on stems and I'm planning to embroider these. Still a shed load of applique to do here.

9. Check and hearts.
I had forgotten about this one. The hearts are to be bond-a-webbed down. Not really my thing. Then top stitch over the hearts. This one's for the kids.

10. Nana's shawl.
This is a pattern my Nana used over and over again. I have made it a few times now. This one is being made in lace weight variegated wool.

11. Grace's Twilight quilt.
This is a quilt our Grace is making with me. It got put on hold whilst we chose some border fabrics. It's very simple but we are kind of making it up as we go along.

So that's my list. Massive compared to some short compared to others. Am I in a hurry to finish these ? Not really. I'm just enjoying myself. I hope you are enjoying your to do list too.


  1. You have lovely projects to be working on

  2. Sweetie if you go to Leannes and fill in the Link up (click on add your link under everyones photos) you can join in proper - at the end of this quarter (july) we all say what we managed from the list and if you submit a finish photo for each one you are eligable for PRIZES...
    And we totally need to have a shop lock in, tell me which day, what time to come, and where the take outs coming from ;-)

    1. I tried , but it all went a bit wrong. Heeeeelp !!!