Sunday, 17 March 2013

You win some, you loose some.

It's been a funny old day. 
Our David was flying away tonight to go to France in the morning so the house has been some what unsettled and my attempts at domestic normality all seemed to well not quite make it. Cleaning was a bit sporadic. The tea wasn't cooked in the right order and my baking was a down right disaster, but it tasted good. This is what it should have looked like.

This was made by the very talented James Morton from The  British Bake off .

This is how mine turned out. I hang my head in shame. On the plus side I served it with custard and it tasted amazing. I had tried to be fancy and cook it in one of those fancy round tins with a hole in the middle. I should have known things weren't gonna go well when it started to erupt over the sides of the tin in the oven and slowly drip down 3 sets of oven shelves on to the bottom of the cooker.

As seen on pintrest

I saw this idea on Pintrest. Taking a plastic container and crocheting on to the top to make a storage bag. So I made this for Daisy to keep her pencils in. I made one for Emi the other day. I was gonna take some more detailed pictures but Gingie had other ideas.

I haven't worked out how to do a proper link but this is the blog address where I copied the idea. So thank you  Filth wizardry for sharing.


  1. Well, it is how the cake tastes that is most important. A good looking cake that tasted ick would be much more disappointing.

    1. Oh man the cake did taste good. In fact I'm having some right now with a cuppa.

  2. It's the taste that matters!