Sunday, 17 March 2013

Some times I feel I work so hard but don't seem to have much to show for it.

Sun rise over Quarff

Part of the problem being I have poorly staff at work so I'm covering their shifts and the bairns have been under the weather , but thankfully are improving now. So all in all I feel like I've been running just to stand still. But big sigh, I seem to have caught up with most things and finally my neck, which I hurt before my trip to Birmingham, is now pain free so you'll be pleased to know I'm not so grumpy now and feel I can start writing my blog again. 

Mother's Day

My girls.... well some of them.

 I had a lovely Mother's day and was thoroughly spoilt with chocolate , flowers , a Mary Berry cookbook and a trip to the Chinese with Granny. I love Chinese food, although I wish you could get a decent pudding there. Are there any Chinese restaurants where you can get a good pudding ?

My boys would like to say a big THANK YOU.

Thank you
Auntie Sarah
 This was a lovely gift we unexpectedly recieved from a very dear friend of ours.

Sewing news.

We got this lovely soft linen mix in to the shop last week and it reminded me of the soft linens me Nana used to have around her house. I'm sure when she made them they would have had quite vibrant colours, but when I knew them they were faded and soft. That was what I was trying to recreate with this lavender cushion for Daisy. It's not quite finished as I'm needing to sew some buttons along one side before stuffing. Oops, I tried to center the heart but forgot that my 6" square was infact 61/2" D'oh  ! The other one is for Emily. She decided she didn't want any of this wishy washy stuff and chose her own colours. I did make and finish a needle case in the same style for a friend, but I forgot to take a photo. So that was my random act of kindness for March. 

I hope you have had a good productive week.


  1. I know the feeling! Never enough time: but it's always nice when you do suddenly find yourself with a bit of spare time to do something

    1. I am learning to treasure my spare time. I just lost sight of it all for a couple of weeks. I hope you are keeping will and have fun deciding how to quilt your star quilt.