Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Another beautiful day.....

The sun has been beating down today so after a lovely swim .... did I really say that ? ...... I bashed together a banana cake and whilst it was in the oven I played outside with the bairns and the cats. It was so lovely to see them all charging round the garden pulling and chasing ropes. I think there is no nicer sound than children's laughter in the open air.

Gingie in the gardan.

Emi lapping up the sunshine.

Sewing news.

I forgot to post a picture of this ... My TARDIS phone cover. This was great fun to make.

TARDIS phone cover

 Oh and then there was this which I didn't enjoy so much and was subjected to much cussing. What is it ? Why it's an alien costume of course !!!

So now that's outta the way I can get on with some pretty sewing.
I'm off to Greenfield Quilters now.

I hope you have a lovely day ........ and Mam if you're reading this ....I wasn't really cussing !!!

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  1. Tardis is looking brilliant! Hope work this afty wasnt too bad! lol