Monday, 4 February 2013

Straight line quilting ........ I think !!

One of the bloggers I follow - 
Canadian Abroad
has been doing some amazing straight line quilting.
I was so inspired by the wonderful  work she has been doing that I decided to have a go my self.

There's a bit of a runkle, but hopefully I'll get better.

I have managed to do a quarter of the quilt in one day.
So much quicker than hand quilting.
This is a quilt top my Mam has made, I'm just finishing it off for Project Linus.

I haven't learned how to do links yet. 
I'm on a steep learning curve putting this blog together.
Some kind bloggers have sent me links to "How to " sites.
I'm hoping to do some homework this weekend.


  1. Oh wow, those straight lines are brilliant! Well done you :-)

  2. Eeeee! It looks brilliant. The world is a happy place when you can share your projects between hand and machine quilting.

    1. I would never have attempted this with out your suggestions. Thank you.

  3. Hi hi. I popped by via link from the mad Narcoleptic in the cupboard and just love the straight lines. Great job I reckon

    1. Thank you for poping by and thank you for following my blog.
      I'm really enjoying quilting this.
      I'm a lot slower than many of the sites I follow, but I'm enjoying it, and that's the main thing.