Saturday, 9 February 2013

I am so proud.

This is the quilt of one of my students. We did a course on making Baltimore style quilts.
I love the bright colours that have been used and the rainbow binding, which is made up from the off cuts. Block 5 and 12 are from other classes we did. The two blocks that have been left out were a needle turned star and an intricate needle turned wreath, but I think the Dresden plate works really well here.  Also some of the blocks have been altered to add the quilters own personal twist.

I haven't managed to get much sewing or blogging done this week as I have been faced with this heap on my desk and I have had a migraine since Monday. However my eldest daughter visited me on Friday and showed me the lovely sewing she has started at college. I am so proud of her.

Another delivery of horse poop.

 Ha ha ha I had to admire the bairns solution to moving the manure bags. Why on earth didn't I think of that the other week ?

Once the paperwork was finished.......

I decided it was time to do some instant gratification sewing.

I found out some fabrics, at first I hadn't decided what I wanted to make.
So after a wee bit of playing around I decided to make a phone cover.
Mainly because my girls keep telling me off for putting my phone in my pocket with my keys.

I layered up wadding, outer fabric(facing up) and lining fabric (facing down) and cut it all 6" by 7"
I then sewed a 1/4" seam along one of the short edges.
I opened the sewing out so the wadding is on top of the outer fabric and trimmed the wadding to reduce the bulk.

Next, I folded the fabric in half length ways and sewed starting at the fold on the end with the wadding round the edge and the long side stopped leaving the bottom open.

I snipped the corner to make it easier to turn and again trimmed the wadding back.

I turned the sewing right side out and folded a 1/4" seam under at the open end. This can then be sewn either by hand or very close to the edge on the machine to close the gap.

The lining is then pushed into the pocket. And voila a phone cover.
This was so easy to make. I made 3 in under an hour, from deciding to sew something to finish.

I decided to give away one of the phone cases as a random act of kindness.
I'd seen a thing on Facebook and decided I was gonna do at least one random act of kindness per month.

I hope you have had a good week.
Tell me about RAOK that you have done, or have happened to you.


  1. Those girls are thinking outside the box. Love the phone case you made. RAOK-a couple of weeks ago one of the bin men helped me de-ice my car, I thought that was beyond the call of duty!

    1. I really did Laugh out loud when I say them. Clever I thought.
      How kind of your bin man. There are some lovely folk out there.
      I really enjoyed the phone case. Wonder if I could make one to look like a tardis ?

  2. Ooooh TARDIS phonecover! That'd be awesome. 3 in under an hour... well done you! I'd have spent that time just finding batting and choosing fabric... and clearing a footpath to the sewing machine... I need to do some RAOK's, others do for me all the time, I'm very lucky :-)

    1. Do I need to put windows on the front and back or just the front ? Any chance you could make me a wee police notice no bigger than 3/4 of an inch ?

  3. Your phone cases are a great idea and very quick and I love your student's quilt :)

    1. Thank you. I really had fun. I'm just finishing off a Tardis phone case. I love the colours my student used. It was so fresh to see. The rest of us used more traditional colours so this one really seemed to pop.