Saturday, 2 February 2013

I can't believe I have finished something..........

especially when you stop to consider all the help I got from Mittens .... with the machine sewing ..

and Ginger with the hand sewing !!

So here it is finally finished.

Straight Line Quilting.

One of the bloggers I follow was making a wonderful quilt, which she did some amazing straight line quilting on. I have tried to do this in the past with disappointing results. I hadn't realized all the stitching has to go in the same direction. It seems pretty obvious now, but most of my quilting is by hand so I had just dismissed my disasters and plodded on with my thimble firmly stuck to my finger. Just before Christmas I became the coordinator in Shetland for Project Linus, and with the best will in the world, there was no way I could hand quilt all the quilts I need to finish off. So I have made a tentative start. 

 Although Mittens had other ideas...

... and quilting soon ground to a halt.

My lovely family have done this for me.

They have set up the sewing machine in the kitchen on a my wash stand. This means I have more chance of keeping the cats at bay and I can easily get to my machine in a cosy room whilst the house is in up roar with redecorating.


  1. I love how your cats try to stop you. The finished wall hanging looks fantastic

  2. Thank you Catherine. I really enjoyed making it. I know it is only small but it has really got me in the mood for finishing things. As for the cats, I can only pray they will calm down when they grow up, but at the moment I am enjoying their kittenish behavior, where every thing they see is an adventure to be explored.

  3. Love the little helper photos, and yay to the new sewing space!

    1. The boys are asleep now so I'm gonna see if I can get some more quilting done.