Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Almost Finished...

Our House Wall-hanging.

This is a UFO I had forgotten about until I was packing up my craft room.
Today I finished the embroidery and sewed on buttons and beads.
Before sitting down tonight , I cut out the binding and hanging loops.
Tomorrow I will haul the sewing machine through to the kitchen and try to finish this.
I think I shall send this to a girl-friend.
My husband gets quite frustrated with me as he says I tend to give everything away that I have made.

Up Helly Aa

Yesterday was Up Helly Aa here in Shetland.
It was an amazing day.
This was the scene out-side my shop at just before 9am.
I love the colour of this years Jarl Squad's suits.

Jarl Squad at The Toll Clock , Lerwick.

This should explain what it's all about far better tan I ever could.

The Guizer Jarl
The muster and light up is my favorite part of the whole day.
 At 7.30pm the men all light up their touches and march around the streets before setting alight the Galley boat, then everyone gets ready for a mammoth party from 9pm until 9am.

Some of my bairns.
 We decided to leave the party early as we were soaked to the skin, and I mean to the skin.

The Great Quarff Bake-Off.

Biscuits, Banana cake, Lemon and lime curd and uncooked pin-wheels. I forgot to take a picture of them once they were cooked and we have eaten them all now.

The wee ones and I had a baking day today. Emi , 8, made Mary Berry biscuits. Daisy, 10, made James Morton banana cake, Lily, 12 made savory pin-wheels (her own recipe) and I made lemon and lime curd for my delivery boy. It was great fun. I was a good mammy and stayed hands off until help was asked for, which wasn't easy believe me, but I was really proud of what the bairns achieved on their own.

 The Boys

So we are all back to work tomorrow and I'm gonna be all confused as I'll think it's Monday with having a day off today !!


  1. Oh dear, you do look wet through! Love your embroidery

  2. We were drenched, but I wouldn't have missed it.
    Thank you for your kind comment.
    I love doing embroidery and really should do more.


  3. Your house wall hanging is adorable and your Up Helly Aa pictures are great. Looks like a fab time was had by all despite the rain! I love the costumes x

    1. Thank you Janine, I really enjoyed doing the house wall hanging, it was a sample for a class I did. As I'm not teaching classes at the moment I decided to finish it.
      As for Up Helly Aa it is brilliant, the whole place comes to a stand-still for two days. And the amount of work that goes in to the outfits is incredible.