Wednesday, 2 January 2013

I went for a lovely walk down to the Quarff beach. Even though it was a bit bracing the bairns seemed to enjoy it. We found the tinyest starfish ontop of the cliffs. Not sure how they got there. They were no more than an inch across. I always think there's something magical about star fish. The storms from last week have really changed the shape of the beach and rerouted the two streams that run down there. I am in awe at the power of the sea.

I'm not gonna weigh my self today.
I wonder if once a week is enough ?
Oh I have gotten myself a "Get fit buddy".So once a week , hopefully, we are gonna go swimming.
I know me go swimming, have you ever heard anything quite so funny.

Reasons to go swimming -

1. It gets you fit.

Reasons not to go swimming -

1. It smells.
2. You have to take clothes off.
3. You get wet.
4. Getting you hair wet.
5. I get pain in me lugs if water goes in them.
6. Getting splashed.
7. People seeing me in me costume.
8. That horrid feeling when you first get in to the water and the cold creeps up ye body.
9. Being cold when getting outta the water.
10. Not getting dry properly.
11. The way my clothes cling to my damp body.
12. I don't like being so hungry I could eat a scabby horse when I have finished.

So it should be fun !!!

To day is me Dad's Birthday so I'm off to see if I can locate camera / birthday cake / that pressie I put an a safe place before Christmas when I thought I was sooo organised. Nana always said pride comes before a fall.

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  1. Hate swimming for all the above reasons.... in fact, 1 and 7 actually make me feel sick... Crazy :-)