Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Status Quo 2012
As I didn't get a chance to get me camera out today , I thought I would share this with you. I went to see Status Quo last year, they were amazing. it was a charity concert at the Clickimin organised by Malcolm Younger . This was a night I shall always remember.
I had a lovely walk in to work.
I tried to walk slightly faster to try and burn off some of the chocolate I consumed last night.
I passed a jogger going in the other direction. When you come to watch some folk jog, after a while it looks really weired. Almost like they are moving along on an invisible bicycle. Well it made me smile. Or I could have just been mesmerised by the fluorescent flashes by her knees.
Today's new bird, on the walk, was a raven. He was sitting on a chimney pot. No sound, he was just sitting there. Infact, come to think of it I didn't hear any bird song. It might be two early in the year for bird song, hmm I'll have to look in to that.
One thing I am looking forward to is seeing is the frogs in the water that lies beside the path.
Work was quite busy, but I got the most dreadful headache.
I'm sure it's something to do with the atmospherics or something. 
I feel I was a tad grumpy at work. Oops sorry.
The last straw was when a wife came in and asked if I could sell her a mobile phone.
At that point I just knew the day wasn't gonna get any better.
I didn't go for my swim but have booked for next week instead.
I did however go for a walk, I think I'd have been drier in the pool, as my prediction for the day became a reality.
Talk about wet.
I could feel the rain trickling down my back. It had passed my hood, soaked through the polo neck and ran in rivulets down my spine. When I got into the car the water just kept running. You'd think there was a hose above me. I drove home and gently steamed and squelched into the house.
Tomorrow is a day off.

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