Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A mad day with a small oasis of calm.

The bairns were thrilled that the day began with snow. 
Not a huge amount, just enough to stop me using my useless car, so it was the bus for me today . 
I can't say I shared the bairns enthusiasm.

The walk from the bus into work was bracing.
Gee it was cold.

Work was so busy. 
Brilliant, but really busy.

After lunch I went to see a girl friend and chilled. 
I had my first taste of gluten free bread.
It was lovely. 
It reminded me of the toast me Nana used to make with lashings of real butter.
 There was a hint of something, malt or honey,but I can't quite put my finger on it.
I had the privilege of seeing an amazing craft room. 
I feel so inspired, and when I get the chance to set up my craft room again, I have a better idea of how I want to do it.

I also met this little fella.
Such a friendly wee soul, although looking a bit glum here as she wanted the fire switched on.
She was so funny, giving the big Puss-in-boots eyes to get her own way. 

  The walk to the hospital, Tesco and finally up to the bus stop was so pretty. 
I love the colours of the sky. 
So gentle.
I would really like to try and interpret these colours and shapes in to a quilt.
I'll put it on my to do list.

Once I got home,  I collected the bairns and set off up to youth club.
Just as we were about half way there I released I had left all the tuck, I had walked all the way to flipping Tesco to buy, on the kitchen table. D'oh. 
I refused to go back, so the bairns got very little tuck tonight.
Then just near the end of club, my youngest fell, banged her head and put her teeth through her bottom lip.
A quick trip to A & E, they did not need stitch but said it will be very sore for a day or two.

Mittens ... helping.

So I am finishing my day shattered but happy cos I found a tin of cakes !!!



  1. Sorry to hear about the trip to A&E, poor mite. So very glad you enjoyed your visit :-) Where did you find the cupcake fairy?! Does she grant wishes too?!

    1. The cupcake fairy visits now and again. I'll leave hera note to pay you a visit.

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  3. Oh hope she is ok - sounds painful. the snow we have down here is very pathetic, but much better than the rain!

    1. She's getting there, poor wee lamb. Eating is proving a challenge, but thank you so much for asking.