Tuesday, 1 January 2013

I can hardly believe the new year has come so quickly.
Let me introduce you to these guys......
These are my new babies. Mittens and Ginger.
Two little boys who have come to catch the mice.
Up to now they are a dab hand at climbing curtains and dismantling playmobil, but no mice caught yet.
Appart from training the kittens, I would like to loose weight and finish some of my projects.

My weight is 12 stone 2lb. That's 2 stone 2lb heavier than when I decided I needed to loose 1 stone. !!! I can't do diets so I'm gonna try exercise and see if that'll help.

As for finishing projects hmmmm...
I have six projects I'd like to finish. Now here I know you'll be split. Half of you will shreek "Six project !!! wow that's a lot" and the other half will scoff  "Pfff is that all ??"
Unfortunatly it's not all. Most of my craft stuff has been bunged in the attic. I now have a box in the sitting room with the remaining ufo's tucked in and outta this box I have pulled six projects .

1. A pieced and appliqued quilt for my Mother in law.
2. A Christmas pudding Christmas tree decoration.
3. A scalf for my daughter Grace.
4. A dreadful jumper for our Lily.
5. A "Welcome" wall hanging for the kirk.
6. A free motion machine quilted place mat I started on a corse I went to by Sheena Urquhart.

So there I have named and shamed it. I shall try to post pictures some time soon once I have concored my technophobia.

It's a bonny day here in Shetland so I'm gonna go and have me a walk in the freshair.

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  1. Oooh wow, Mittens and Ginger are gorgeous! Best get sewing so they've got some fabric to sit on... lol Very happy new year :-) am going to email you.