Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Up Helly Aa is almost upon us.

Galley made at Quarff Youth Club.

I love this time of year when all the final preparations are being made for Up Helly Aa.
I have a trail of bearded men coming into the shop asking for elastic and pins and "I don't know what you call it, but d'ye ken what I mean ?"
In the school the Up Helly Aa song is being sung and at the Youth Club, even the boys are joining in the craft sessions to make their UHA effects.

My first memory of UHA is John Noakes on Blue Peter.
The other good thing about Up Helly Aa , it heralds the return of day light.
Long awaited and much needed.

By contrast this has to be a very sad sight indeed.

I am packing up my craft room as we are having a major move around and decorate.

The sad sight of a craft room being packed up.

My room is gonna be the wee ones' room. 
My craft room/study will be Grace's room.
Grace's room will be the spare room/craft room and the wee ones' room will be my room.
Simple !!.

Keep fit started ...

Hydrotherapy pool at the Clickimin.
This is what I really wanted to play with.

A girl friend and I went here yesterday.
This has to be one of the best kept secrets.
It was amazing.
First off it's warm. 
It's like doing exercises in the bath, but without the danger of wetting the floor.
No one can see you.
It does ney smell as bad as the main pool.
So I .... a none swimming , pool hating chic .... am going back next week.
I am not spaggied but I can tell I have done some exercise.
What I need to do now is write out some exercises and laminate them to have at the side of the pool.
Not sure what exercises to do though.
I want to loose my mummy tummy.
Any suggestions as tummy crunches etc are out of the question due to a damaged neck.

Tardis project alert.

"It's bigger  on the inside."

I know I'm not supposed to be starting any thing new but it's a tardis !!
I want to make a new teacosy like a tardis.
My dilemma do I make a wee cosy with the spout and handle hanging out ?
Do I make a big cover all cosy ?
In which case should I distort the shape of the tardis, make a whopping big cosy with no distortion or keep the tardis in proportion and add space at the edges ?
Questions, questions always questions.
I told me husband what I wanted to make, thinking he would poopoo the idea, but no, he said "I'll give it some thought."
I needed to sit down after that.


  1. Ahh it'll get sorted out now the man's thinking it over ;-) Have you seen these?

  2. Lovely post. If you get Mummy tummy tips, do pass them on. I've been meaning to try pilates forever! And I'd say keep the tardis shape and let the spout and handle stick out so you can still see it's a tea cosy. Otherwise you'll have it take it off to pour the tea. But that's just my opinion! I'm sure it'll be great whatever you decide :) Now I'm off to find out about Up Helly Aa :)

    1. Ok, I'll see what I can do with Mummy tummy busting tips.
      I've not tried pilates. I'd need to look it up.
      I think you are right about the Tardis. Some times the handle gets too hot if it's covered up too.
      Up Helly Aa is A-MAZ-ING.
      I don't get to the halls after the procession as I have too many little ones. But they'll soon be grown up and I'll be able to dance the night away.