Monday, 7 January 2013

The House Seems So Empty

I love the moon when it looks like this.

After a very early start, my parents set off back to England, my Husband traveled back to work in Aberdeen and two of the bairns went back to school. I drove into work but parked across town in the super market car park and walked the 15 minute walk into work.  
It was a brisk walk beside the loch and I was fairly pecking by the time I got there. But it was a lovely walk. I passed so many different birds. Many I didn't recognize, but oyster catchers, eider ducks, mallard ducks and gulls I do know. My hands were too cold to pull out my camera of the other ones.  

Busy busy day at work.

These are some of the lovely fabrics I have my eye on at work. I would quite fancy doing something with the red and green in applique on a cream back ground.

These, however, have just arrived today. 
Peacock Parade by Fabric Freedom.
I am doing a workshop to make a fabric box at the weekend, with the Shetland Needle Workers and I think this would be perfect.

These are Moda Fabrics which just arrived just before I left work.
I can't wait to get into see them in the morning and have a better look. 
The colours looked so fresh and zingy. 

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