Thursday, 10 January 2013

I have indulged myself and bought two more Orchids

 I love orchids. 
I'm not an expert or anything, I just think they are so exotic. 
I had thought they would be really difficult to grow, but mine seem to thrive on neglect.
When I lived down in Great Ayton in North Yorkshire, I used to pass a house that had quite a few in their front room window. I got a book from the library and decided that one day I would grow orchids. I have six up to now. No not many by some peoples standards but it's a start.

I did a little bit more work on Anne's quilt. 
The iris are almost finished and I hope to have started to sew them onto the quilt tomorrow. Then I can start on some of the other flowers.

Mittens has been so full of mischief today.
Here he is in the wash basket he knocked over.

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  1. Nice to see you're getting sewing time, and I love that black stripe on Mittens belly!