Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Christmas Decorations Came Down.

Twelfth Night (5th January) is when all Christmas Decorations should be removed so as not to bring bad luck upon the home. If decorations are not removed on Twelfth Night, they should stay up all year.

I always think the the house looks really empty when the decorations come down, tidy but empty. Can you imagine keeping decorations up for a whole year? Although come to think of it, there have been, in years gone by, the odd decoration that has been missed. I did leave them up all year, but when we next put the decorations up, on the last Sunday before Christmas, I have thrown or given away the offending decoration.

Tomorrow I will man handle the decoration boxes in to the attic, which should prove interesting as I'm scared of heights.

I have lost 2lb which brings me down to 12 stone.

This afternoon my daughter, Lily, and I went out for a walk. 
We were a little later than I had hoped so the light isn't brilliant.

Looking back to Easter Quarff from the top of the  track.

View from the Wester Quarff junction, looking East.

It was a lovely brisk walk. 
There was a bit of a breeze, but it wasn't cold and more importantly it wasn't wet

Anne's Quilt

I have sewn down the vase and stems but I'm worried it looks a bit wonky.
I hope , if I sew on enough flowers , it might disguise this flaw.

This is one of the Iris flowers. 
It is made up of three sections and the white ribbon is slightly fluffy.

I have an early start tomorrow as my parents go home and my husband is back to work. 
Their taxi arrives at 6am. 
Also two of the bairns start back at school in the morning.
Wish me luck....

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