Sunday, 13 January 2013

Fabric Box made at the Shetland Needle Workers

Ok, I know I said I wouldn't start anything new until I had finished six projects I already have on the go, but I had put my name down for this class before I had made that decision. 
Also, I haven't really broken any rules as I have finished the box on the same day I started it. 
Ok I did break the rules, but I made the rules, so I can change them. 
I had intended to take a picture of each stage, but when I tried to take the first picture, I realized I had left the memory card in the computer. 
D'oh !! 
However I am really pleased with the way this has turned out. 
I think I'll make these as Christmas gifts this year. 
This one was made using the new fabrics we've just got in to the shop  -Peacock Parade.

 Starlings in the garden.

 These cheeky chappies are starlings. 
They are one of my favorite birds. 
It's not a very good picture as it was taken through the window, and the windows need cleaning on the outside because of all the sea salt, but there was no way I was going outside just to clean the windows for this photo. 
It is freezing out there.   

The starlings are just starting to get yellow on the sides of their beaks. 
When they get yellow beaks it heralds the breeding season, the little rascals.

There are no photos of the boys as they are in the 

"dog house".

This is what they did to me new loaf of bread !!!

Unfortunately, I have a shed load of paper work to do, so for the next few days posts are going to be a bit erratic.


  1. I love he fabric you have used-I have some very similar

  2. What ARE those birds eating?! And those naughty kitties, what are they doing trying to get into your loaf? lol

  3. PAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Love wir boys <3