Thursday, 3 January 2013

At last, I have found my camera.

My new years day walk.
Here are my guilty projects, the name and shame six that I have decided I need to finish. Yes I know there are others hidden in the attic but we all need to start somewhere.

1. Anne's Quilt.

This is a pieced quilt, pensillvania block, which I am gonna applique flowers and bows on to. At the moment I am sewing the flowers onto paper and will sew them down later.

2. Lily's jumper.

This is a bit of a hotch-potch. I have finished the front and am half way up the sleeves. I'm a bit worried as this is all the wool I have left and I still have the back to do. My other problem is the bairn keeps growing !!

3. Free-Motion Machine Quilting.

I started this on a course with the Shetland Needle Workers.
I am finding it really difficult so I have included it in the list of shame to make me do it, other wise I might be tempted to bale it out with the ess.

4. Grace's scalf.

This has been on the wires for two years now. I got stuck when all the stitches jumped off the needle. Luckily for me my friend Laura came to the rescue.

5. Welcome Wallhanging.

This is for the kirk.
It says "Everyone Welcome" at the top and along the bottom there are different flowers from the Bible. My next job is to embroider in the windows.

 6. Christmas Pudding Tree Decoration.

This isn't a difficult project and technically shouldn't be on the list as it is a sample from a class I was doing, but I took pitty on it and it's only small.
Here are my boys, helping !!

It's nay day out there, too windy for a walk, so I'll just have to stay in and play !!


  1. Hi Polly, have you heard of the Finish Along? you could read this post
    Join in! Love the kitties... heart is melting as I type...

    1. Hi Sarah, I had a look and really like the sound of it, but haven't the foggiest idea of how to join in. Heeeeeelp !!

  2. You've got some lovely projects to finish up and very cute helpers :)