Sunday, 6 November 2011

Never underestimate the effectiveness of holding hands.

There is so much power and emotion involved in such a simple act weather it is between friends, lovers, a parent and a child, or in this case, a nurse holding a patients hand. I didn't know the nurse and I can't remember her name, but the love and reassurance I felt from that simple act of kindness are beyond my ineffective powers of description. It reminded me of holding my Dad's hand, as a little girl, on one of our rare trips to the London Underground. I was too small to see where we were going but I knew if I just kept holding my Dad's hand, no matter what, then everything would be al-right. That same reassurance came flooding back from the nurse. I had a lumber puncture on Tuesday, and unfortunately I'm still more or less flat on my back for most of the time. I'm sure these symptoms will pass soon, I'm just feeling a bit sorry for myself. Rosie my cat has been keeping me company.
Rosie my cat.
Many of my friends have been posting the view from their window so I thought I would join in. This is the view from the Kitchen window.
                              This is the view I have had for the past week from my bed.
                                 But this is my favourite view from the girls bed room. 
I'm afraid I don't have any sewing to show this week. Hopefully next week will be more productive.


  1. Sorry to hear you're still poorly, but arent cats lovely? What other creature takes so much pleasure in just having company to nap with?! Get hubby to stick a couple of bird feeders on those branches in front of the bedroom window :-) Take care x

  2. oh, sorry to hear you are still not feeling great. There are some wonderful caring people out there arn;t there. I had a procedure a few years back and wasn't allowed anyone with me and the nurse was amazing - glad she helped you through it all and hope you're bouncing back soon

  3. I hope you are soon feeling better :) You have wonderful views from your house.