Sunday, 30 October 2011

This has been a much better week and I have all the lovely people around me to thank for their love and support. My friends from The Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter-day Saints all made an evening meal for us. By not means an easy task as there are seven of us. We go in for industrial style catering these days. The meal was delicious with my all time favourite pudding - Apple pie. At work my girl friend and workmate  has been a brick  keeping me busy and generally just being there.

My scan has come back clear and so have all the blood tests. Next week  I'll be having a lumber puncture. Not looking forward to that but I'm sure it's nothing serious now.

I got my sewing out again this week. I made a picture of a puffin using Stained Glass Window techniques.  This was made for a class I was teaching on Saturday. They was a lovely group of ladies and I hope they enjoyed the class as much as I did.

I have also been working on my elf boot table runner.  I have appliqu├ęd on the boots and I am now embroidering on the red strings. Time is fast running out so I'd bet get a wriggle on.

So that's this week. The sun is shinning after the storm ... both literally and figuratively ... and life is good again. To day I am going back to the Methodist church after a few months absence it will be good to see every one again.
This picture was created by one of my daughters.


  1. post piccies soon, would love to see you puffin. Glad the scan and blood tests came back clear, good luck with the lumbar puncture

  2. Class was a really good laugh, thanks :-) Hope the puncture isnt too painful.... x