Sunday, 9 October 2011

I have been in my bed for most of the day as I I fear I have man flu. 
From where I am though, I have an excellent view out of the window and I have been watching the birds. Sparrows, blackbirds, starlings , a male black-cap and a brightly coloured red-wing. 

At lunch time we went in to the hospital to see Granny and had a picnic in the day room. The bairns thought it was great fun. Not too sure what the nurses made of it all though especially when I opened a small bottle of white wine for the old girl. 

I have finally got a design for my Christmas table runner. 
Elf shoes. 
Of all things I was inspired by a pair of mittens hanging up.
I have drawn out a plan, made a template and chosen the fabrics. 

This morning I cut out the paper templates and started to sew the fabrics on to them. One shoe done, three to go.

I am also making a small felt Christmas decoration in the shape of an elf shoe.
 I'm really enjoying making this. I have started to embroider this now and if I have time I'll make a little soul to go inside to neaten it all off.

Whilst with Granny I showed her the quilt I'm making for her and got her to choose a Baltimore pattern to go in the middle. She has chosen a lovely vase picture with mixed flowers. The main flower she wanted was a purple Iris. 

The rest of the week has been quite uneventful. Work, visits to granny, youth club. You know how it is. Oh I remember .. on Friday we had a new member of staff start. Gosh she is good, and such a lovely lady. I am so lucky having such nice people to work with.


  1. Hope your man flu isnt too awful! Love the sound of grannys picnic tho, very clever, and wow you're fair gettin on with your runner! I'm still awaiting "inspiration" lol

  2. wow, love your little elf shoe. your picnic sounds like a fun way to spend lunch