Sunday, 16 October 2011

This week has seen a few ups and downs.

I started the week with a trip to the hospital. Umpteen blood tests and awaiting a scan. The upshot is I'm not allowed to drive until they have some results.

On Saturday we had a class in the shop learning to make ruched roses from ribbons. The ladies produced some lovely roses using different weights of ribbons.  

On Saturday evening I hosted a social evening at Islesburgh Community Centre. Two ladies from the Shetland to Romania Project gave an illuminating talk about their trip and highlighted some of the problems the orphans face and what a change their trip had made to the lives of these amazing children. It was quite moving.
 This is Tony our Quiz  Master
   There also a quiz, which I lost in spectacular style, and a raffle. 

 Ladies from the winning team.   

I was really dissapointed we ran out of time for the show and tell as the ladies had brought some truly wonderful projects for us to see.
I thourghly enjoyed the evening and I hope the ladies who came did too.
This is me relaxing with a cuppa at home afterwards.


  1. Thanks Polly, it was a good night - we might have lost the quiz but at least we did so spectacularly! Hope you're okay :-)

  2. When I was busy stalking Sarah for the goody swap, I had a look on google maps at where she lives - yes, I do know that that was not stalking, just being plain nosey! But, reading your blog, at least I have a picture in my head of where you both are :-)

  3. Hope your test results come back ok - it must be a nuisance not being allowed to drive. The rest of week sounds like it was more enjoyable :)