Saturday, 22 October 2011

This week seems to have been going on for ever. My forgetfulness is getting worse and the pins and needles in my hands has stopped being a tingle and is now darn right painful. On a morning when I get out of bed it's like walking on hedgehogs. Yesterday was a bit of a first as I had pins and needles in my face. I have a scan on Monday. Hopefully that will show up what the problem is.

All this means my sewing has eased up a bit. The Christmas runner is coming a long just much slower than the others in the group. Gee whizz the other ladies in the group are talented.

Yesterday our Daisy had her 9th birthday. She has grown up so fast I can hardly believe it. She was allowed anything she wanted for her tea, so we celebrated with Fish and chips, home made birthday cake and the Despicable Me dvd.

Today we took the girls shopping to spend their birthday money. They were let loose in M and Co. They were so sweet choosing their own clothes and trying them on then paying with their own money. Daisy felt very grown up. Mind she chose some lovely dresses.

Oh just remembered the rugby is on tomorrow so I shall away to me bed.


  1. Dont worry about the runner, I hope you are okay! Pins and needles must be very disconcerting, I hope they find its nothing to worry about - fingers crossed for you.
    ps, my runner is barely off the starter blocks so far ;-)

  2. hope you get the pins and needles sorted, walking on hedgehogs cant feel good!Looks like a good birthday was had. My youngest turns 15 next week and is desperate for a primark trip, so wish me luck!