Sunday, 26 May 2013

I have done some sewing .. honest.

Alice drew this. 

I love it when the veiw is slightly hazy.

 I can't remember what day it was, but our Alice and I took a drive down to the Knab in Lerwick. I sat and listened to radio 3 and did some more on my crochet. Alice sat and drew this view. Just like that with pen and paper. I should have taken a photo for you all to see.

The rest of the week was a bit of a struggle at times. My slipped discs in my neck have been playing up, Granny has been in and outta hospital and my best friend is having a tough time, which made me sad. Then at work two of my reps have let me down with orders and samples. Ugh. Any way that's enough of yucky stuff.

Sewing; I have made bunting, mended trousers, fixed the laundry basket, designed and made a prototype for a skirt ..... but forgot to take any photos. Oops !!

Another crazy lazy Sunday

This is the easiest way for me  to work out what every one wants for lunch.

 After a lazy start to the day, it was lunch then out into the garden to enjoy the sun shine. Fresh rhubarb was picked and made into another yummy pudding. Not sure what it's called but I put the rhubarb in a dish. Our Grace made up a cake mix which we put on the top and then baked in the oven for about half an hour. This was served with lashings of custard.

Fresh from the garden.

Emi and I went round the garden looking for what's growing and what's gonna grow. We found these red current babies, lovely tulips.....

.. blue bells and funny fuzzy things.

Slowly but surely I am trimming the hedge. I'm taking it down by about 5 feet and in by about 6 feet. I can only manage one fence width at a time, but I'm getting there.

The lasses were roaming around the garden, giggling, fighting, running, building dens, mixing perfume, bouncing on the trampoline and generally being bairns. At one stage they did disappear on their bikes, but in the main they were rummaging around the doors. A fresh hole seems to have been dug in the drive and this unusual sculpture appeared in the sunken garden.

I finally got some of my raspberries moved, under the watchful gaze of Ginger.

... and in what will be the raised veggie beds, the toadstools are doing well.

I won't be on line next week end as I am going on honeymoon. 
Thank you for calling by and I hope you have a lovely week.



  1. Oh, Ginger! You're adorable!

  2. You take orders for lunch?! I go with the eat what you are given or make your own rule here. Your kids wouldn't like me!

    1. I only take orders for lunch on a Sunday. The rest of the time it is a case of take it or leave it. However, I'm sure my kids would love you after having me for a Mam !!

  3. er, hang on - Honey moon???? there should be a bit before a Honey moon. I think I have missed a bit of the story x

  4. Ha ha haa ... sorry I got married 3 years ago but never had time for a Honey moon. This is the first time we have been able to go away.