Sunday, 19 May 2013

Life is good...

Wednesday I spent the afternoon with my girls at my eldest daughters. It was so lovely to sit in their midst and listen to their chatter. Boy they are gonna be a force to be reckoned with when they all grow up.

This was the most sensible photo I could get !!!

Yesterday was the Euro-vision Song Contest. What a laugh. Ok so we only came 19th .... but that's not what it's about. Graham Norton's commentry was hilarious. I liked the Norway entry that won but I really wanted Greece to win. How ever I think the whole show was stolen by the wife who was hosting the show. If I knew how to add a link I would show you. She was laugh out loud funny.

Someone please let me know it this works.

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon.....

 Well not so much lazing but still not a lot to show for it. Do you ever have one of those days where you drift from one job to another but don't seem to get much done ?

This fell out of the tree we trimmed. 
 We started by trimming the hedge, but after about 4' and being scratched a lot I went and trimmed a tree in the sunken  garden. This nest fell out. It's an old blackbird's nest, I think. Not in use, what ever it  is.

 Then I drifted over to the veggie garden. I'm not sure what my pal has been feeding her horses, but after spreading horse muck on the garden earlier in the year, I now have this interesting crop. I really don't think they are edible and they are really big, some are up to 4" across.

I de-weeded the ground a bit and cleared grass off the paths. I had hoped to then move some raspberries which are in the wrong place, but wondered off to another part of the garden and forgot all about the raspberries.

I wondered off to the goose garden where I am working on a pond. By now it was so hot, I was incapable of much heavy work, so I sat with a trowel and whittled away until I got to sub-soil. Lucy - the goose - was keeping an eye on us and was most disgruntled that I'd borrowed one of her tubs.

And finally .... I don't know if you remember the rhubarb patch I was working on ? Well today I picked this years first crop. I mixed it with a couple of eating apples and made a lovely crumble. the rhubarb was so tender.

There is no sewing news to speak of. Hubby has had me mending two pairs of breaks and a jumper. Not much fun but I feel very self righteous.

I hope you have had a lovely week and thank you for calling by.


  1. I moved some of my raspberries this year, to thin them out a bit. I wasn't sure how they would cope but they are sprouting really well

  2. I may try and move them next time I get a chance. They were self sets so I won't be loosing too much if it all goes wrong.

  3. I enjoyed seeing your gardening. I often get distracted and go from one thing to another like that. I don't think it matters too much as long it all gets done in the end or at least as long as enough gets done!

    1. Thanks Janine. That's part of my problem, I easily get distracted .... what was I saying ?

  4. o.o....I didn't know my eyes were grey??