Saturday, 11 May 2013

Where does the time go ?

I feel I have had no time for anything or anyone lately, and yet I have precious little to show for it. Between hospital visits, work and well just stuff , I feel I have missed the important things in life. My family, friends, my home and my sewing.

I'll not go in to all the rubbish that's been happening so here's a run down of the good stuff.


My boys.
Here are my lovely boys. Still as daft as brushes. I keep having to hawk them back in to the house as they are eyeing up the nesting birds. But the good thing is there is no sign of mice in the house at the moment.

 Eye Spy.

I spotted this wee chap in the tree outside my bedroom window. I think it's a blackcap, but I'm not 100% sure. I'm sure some of my birdy pals would know.

I think it's a black cap.

 The Voar Redd Up.

Last week we all headed down to the beach for the Redd Up. This is when folk all over Shetland head out armed with green bags and pick up the bruck that has been blown on to the beaches in the winter storms. There is a fairly small window of time when this can be done. It has to fit in between the last of the storms and the birds building there nests. We gathered a huge pile of rope, bags full of bottles, fishing floats, 3 left shoes and other bits and bobs. Coffee and biscuits were brought to us and the bairns enjoyed some fun and games in the back of a trailer.

The bairns at the Voar Redd Up.

At the beach.

Swans in the sea.
I have never seen swans in the sea before. They just bobbed around us the whole morning.

Other stuff.

I was given these yummy eggs by a friend. They were all different colours and sizes.
And here's Emi with here sewing. 

Nom nom nom !!

Emi sewing.

Other news with no pictures.

I had an amazing Friday-Night-Lock-In which should have been at the shop but was re-located to a friends house. What a giggle. I laughed til I cried. This was one good night. We had a pizza delivered and the most delicious -flaccid- garlic bread with mushrooms . Followed by lots of chocolate and tea.

I even managed to get a bit of sewing done. I had forgotten/lost my silver thimble, so Sarah lent me her leather one. Oh my goodness, it is amazing. I have ordered some more for the shop.

So that's about it. I have another appointment tomorrow in Aberdeen. I am under strict instructions to have plenty of me and my time and come off committees and rotas. I guess I just have to learn to say No. 

I hope you all have a fabby week doing the thinks you love with the folk you love best. Do let me know what you're up to and thanks for taking the time to pop by.


  1. I love the photo of the kids at the beach. They look like they're having a smashing time! Wish I could pop up for a sew-in. That sounds like a good laugh :)

    1. Thank you Cindy, we had a wonderful time. Come you my joy for a lock in. They are a great laugh. The pass word is CHOCOLATE !!!!

  2. Hope you are ok-listen to the instructions you have been given!

    1. Thank you Catherine. I'm trying to be good. But I have always been a "Yeh, I'll do that" kinda girl.

  3. Oh it most definitely was a very good laugh :-) All the best for tomorrow, pool wednesday? x

    1. Pool sounds good. Just let me know what time. The earlier the better for me. Lift ?

  4. You always make me want to move to the Shetlands - it sounds like you have a wonderful community there. Follow the instructions and take lots of me-time :)

  5. Come you, move up and see us, or at least come for a visit.
    I am starting to do as I am told.
    That's two committees I have come off this week.
    Tomorrow I am going swimming with a girl friend .... weird to say but I'm looking forward to it.